About Us

The privatization tender of Yeniköy and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants and Lignite Mining Enterprise located in the middle of Gökova Bay was completed on 18.04.2014 and the facilities been overtaken for the purposes of operation by the IC İÇTAŞ Energy – LİMAK Energy joint undertaking as of 23 December 2014.

Yeniköy-Kemerköy Electricity Generation and Trade Inc. is an important economic actor located in the Aegean region with a total of 1050 MW installed power providing for approximately 2% of Turkey’s energy demand; Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant has 2 units with a total of 420 MW and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant has 3 units with a total of 630 MW. In addition to the power plant which is operated in accordance with technical and environmental standards, there is the Yeniköy Lignite Mining Enterprise providing coal which is composed of various coal mines.

We have undertaken a journey with ardour and passion to substantially contribute to our country with solid infrastructure, expert professional staff and modern management perspective.