Appreciation Plaque for Women Employees from Yeniköy Kemerköy Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

Appreciation Plaque for Women Employees from Yeniköy Kemerköy Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

“Our women give back more than they always get in business”

Yeniköy Kemerköy electricity production and trade A.P. Cafer Varol, director of personnel and Administrative Affairs, said: “every day, women touch our thermal power plants. Our female managers and female colleagues add significant value to our institution. As it is known, we are working together shoulder to shoulder in a sector that is involved in heavy business. YK Energy is a $ 3 billion project and our financial affairs are managed by a female manager, our main task is to be environmentally sensitive, we have an environmental manager, a woman and female Environmental Engineers. Quality is important to us our Quality Management is entrusted to a woman. Occupational Health Safety is one of the indispensable units for us, and there are women managers and colleagues there. Every day, from the Cook to the dishwasher to our cleaning, you can see the women's hand and labor. Our food engineer, Human Resources, Corporate Communication, Health Service and many other units are again entrusted to our women. We see that even our women who have never worked before and have not been outside their family are supported; they create synergy by producing, developing what they produce, always giving more than they receive.

“We are stronger with the energy we receive from our female employees”

Yk Energy has a total of 106 female employees. Because we are in the process of a pandemic, it was not possible to organize together, based on our motto of “health first” for this year. By dividing the events into five, we presented our women with plaques of thanks in the buildings where they worked. As director of Personnel and Administrative Affairs in Yeniköy thermal Sanralimizde, my person presented their plaques to our staff colleagues, while our Administrative Affairs Manager Hosni Tekeli presented their plaques to our friends working in the subcontractor. Again, our deputy general manager at Kemerköy thermal power plant, Barış Başer, accompanied us on this valuable mission. Our lignite Works Director Muhammet Koban conveyed our thanks to our friends who were involved in our lignite works and excavation work. On the way, we saw an aunt grazing her herd alone, and we presented our aunt with a plaque for her work in agriculture and the environment.

I am celebrating ‘8 March world working women's day’ for all our female colleagues and women. We thank each of them individually for the added value they have added to our institution, and we express our gratitude. Every day we start with the intention of generating electricity for Turkey, we work together with the support we receive from you women. We're stronger with you, so don't run out of energy.”