Children from Milas said, " We will live for YK Energy

Children from Milas said, " We will live for YK Energy

YK Energy, which contributes to the well-being of the people of the region with its employment capacity of 2 thousand people, continues its environmentally sensitive mining activities unabated. Emphasizing that people and nature make priority production on every platform they participate in, the company met 1000 lavender seedlings at the TUBITAK Science Festival by saying, “we produce energy, you live.”

The YK Energy stand received intense attention from the Milas protocol and the people of Milas. Milas Governor Mustafa Unver Böke considered the” most meaningful stand " by the stand bin lavender seedlings as well as special treats for children took place.

YK Energy Corporate Communications Director Cafer Varol said:

“Where we were the city's economic development, the level of welfare of the people of the region that we provide employment to contribute with the other thing we give much importance to the city's culture, history, sports activities, current environment, the level of education is to support projects that will provide positive value to produce such projects. Our governor of Milas, Mr. Mustafa Unver Böke, and our district director of National Education, Mr. Isa Bal, we were very happy to hear that an event supported by TUBITAK will take place in our city. We were also pleased that a year of Labor bore such beautiful fruit.

YK Energy has brought 1,120,023 saplings to our country since 2015

We wanted to instill in our children a love of nature, to be instrumental in seeing the seedlings that he planted sprout with him and grow. As is known, our company, which is a joint investment subsidiary of IC Energy & Limak Energy, has acquired a total of 1,120,023 saplings in our country since 2015 and we continue to earn them.

In this context, when we received such a valuable invitation, we took action together with our peripheral unit. We are happy to meet with the people of Milas on this occasion and to share in the excitement of our children. As YK Enerji, our social responsibility projects and participation will continue.”