Yeniköy-Kemerköy thermal power plants, which have been operating since 1986, currently provide about 2% of the energy consumed in our country with an installed capacity of 1070 MW, as well as the main electricity generation and distribution center of all Muğla region and districts, serve an extremely vital task on behalf of our country and the region.

Power plants were included in the scope and program of privatization on 26.08.2013. It was customized by the decision of the Supreme Council of privatization dated 07.08.2014 and was taken over by our company at a cost of us $ 2.671 billion. The raw material needs of these power plants, whose energy source is domestic coal, are met from the coal basin in the region.

Akbelen is located in the area designated as a coal basin to meet the coal needs of the power plants within the scope of the mine plans made as of the establishment of the power plant. Akbelen is also one of the regions covered by the forest rejuvenation planning of the General Directorate of Forestry. The area has already been identified as an” industrial plantation area for the year 2019 " and it has been reported to us that it will be delivered in accordance with mining activities.

Electricity generation and mining activities, which are a public service, are carried out as “responsible company” in accordance with Forest permits deemed appropriate by the General Directorate of Forestry on 28.11.2020 and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. All afforestation fees and annual usage fees for these forest permits have been timely deposited in the accounts of the General Directorate of Forestry. Delivery of the forest area subject to permission to our company in accordance with mining activities is under the responsibility of the Forest Management Department. However, on 11.08.2021, TC. Mugla 1. We have learned that the relevant field delivery operations have been suspended due to the decision to stop the execution given in the case against the General Directorate of Forestry in the Administrative Court.

Our company acts in an effort to fully fulfill its responsibilities requested by the relevant laws and regulations since the date of transfer of the operation of the power plants. We take into account that we are following this process closely within the same framework.

During this period, when we heal the wounds of our country together, we wish that the fires were brought under control and extinguished as soon as possible, and we again thank everyone who worked with their lives in this struggle.

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