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Public Notice

Public Notice

As YK Energy, since the day we started our activities, we have been meeting the energy needs of our country produced from domestic sources on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have been carrying out studies aimed at creating added value to Turkey, especially Milas. In line with our vision of a sustainable future, we are also carrying out a large number of social responsibility activities in the region where we operate.

In this context, which hosted many civilizations in the past Milas to take your rightful place in the Atlas of World Archaeology in addition to archaeological excavations, Oren Arkeopark Project, the Archaeological Survey of Borough Project, held each year in Milas Karia, Karia, and Mylasa, we support symposium.

The rescue excavations carried out in the archaeological site located within the mining license areas of YK Enerji Lignite Operations Directorate have been continuing since 2006 with the excavation permit renewed every year by the General Directorate of Cultural Property and Museums.

After the transfer of the mining license area to YK Energy, these works continued to be carried out under the direction of the Milas Museum Directorate and under the control of the scientific committee within the framework of the provisions of the protocol dated Dec 24.04.2015 signed between the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums and YK Energy. According to the protocol, any archaeological excavation at the site of excavation, recovery, handling, record keeping and reporting is carried out by the expert team work Milas seconded by the Museum Directorate, the support provided by energy tbsp.

The cultural assets unearthed during these excavations are taken under protection by the Milas Museum Directorate after the reporting, architectural drawings, photo shoots and restoration works are completed. The examples that best reflect the period and type of these cultural assets are located in the Ören Neighborhood of Milas.C. It is being transported to the Ruins Archeopark area allocated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by scientific methods with the decisions of the Muğla Regional Council for the Protection of Cultural Assets, under the supervision of experts and again by expert teams assigned by the Milas Museum Directorate in accordance with the original.

On the other hand, an employment policy is also followed in the excavations in question, which is shown as an example in the archaeological world. the excavation team of 94 people includes 19 expert archaeologists, anthropologists, restorers and art historians and a staff of 75 people from the people of Milas, and half of this number are women.

Archaeological excavations in Husamlar, Belentepe, Mengefe regions have been completed in the last 17 years and it is expected to continue in Akbelen and Kırtaş locations within the scope of renewed excavation permits. With the studies carried out so far, M.He. A large number of archaeological artifacts dating back to the 3rd millennium and shedding light on 7 different periods of history have been unearthed. These artifacts belonging to the Early Bronze, Late Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Early Roman, Eastern Roman periods will be opened to visitors after the completion of the works in the Archaeological Park.

In recent days, a disinformation campaign has been carried out by some circles that has nothing to do with reality. The claims of “Our history is being destroyed” put forward in this context have nothing to do with reality. The archaeological studies in the area that are the subject of the images included in the social media posts have been carried out meticulously under the supervision of the relevant institutions and by expert teams. The excavation soil remaining from the rescue excavations will be used for filling and rehabilitation of the regions where mining activity has ended.

These excavation activities, which are one of the most comprehensive and long-term archaeological studies of Turkey, where the cultural heritage of the Karia region has been happily unearthed, are under the ownership and supervision of authorized institutions, shed light on science in accordance with the legal legislation and are expected to continue with the same rigor at new sites.

It is announced to the public with respect.

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