Turkey can bring its 21 billion tons of coal reserves to the economy with clean technologies. Jul.

Turkey can bring its 21 billion tons of coal reserves to the economy with clean technologies. Jul.

Held in Ankara “4. At the Clean Coal Technologies Summit, the issue of bringing Turkey's coal reserves to the economy was discussed Jul. Deputy Minister of Energy Prof.Dr.In his opening speech on the second day of the summit, Şeref Kalaycı stated that Turkey should use its coal reserves and said, “Coal will be a significant means of electricity generation in the coming years.”
YK Energy General Manager M. Participated as a panelist in the summit where sample projects were also shared with the public. Serhat Dinç also shared that they exceeded the EU standards in air quality management with the rehabilitation works carried out, rehabilitated the mine sites and shared their activities on environmentally friendly production…

Organized by the Turkish Coal Producers Association (KÖMÜRDER) with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on April 24-25 in Ankara, “4. The Clean Coal Technologies Summit" has ended Jul. At the summit, which shed light on the approaches of the international coal industry, a roadmap was discussed for bringing 21 billion tons of coal reserves to the economy with clean technologies Jul.

On the second day of the event, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Prof. Dr. A panel on “Mining and Sample Applications in Turkey” was organized under the moderatorship of Şeref Kalaycı. The panel consisted of Leman Çetiner, Head of the Natural Resources Department at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Bayram Decker, Deputy General Manager of Mining and Petroleum Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and M.M., General Manager of Yeniköy Kemerköy Electricity Generation (YK Energy). Serhat Dinç and Imbat Mining Deputy General Manager Aygün Ekinci attended.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Prof.Dr.The latest developments and sample applications related to new coal technologies were shared in the session that started with the speech of Şeref Kalaycı. Speaking at the opening of the summit, Kalaycı stated that Turkey's use of coal reserves is very important for electricity generation and said, ”Even in the optimistic scenario of the International Energy Agency based on the use of renewable and alternative energy sources and the reduction of carbon emissions, coal will maintain its share in the global energy supply in 2040" and continued as follows: “In order for more renewable energy to be integrated into the system, it is necessary to increase the installed capacity of base load power plants, such as coal-fired power plants that provide continuous and uninterrupted energy supply.”

Rehabilitation investments exceeded EU standards

M, who explained the innovative applications they have implemented as YK Energy in their presentation at the panel.Serhat Dinç said that the capacity of the power plants was increased from 64 percent to 83 percent with the investments made after the privatization in 2014, and that the air quality management went beyond the European Union standards with a rehabilitation project of 280 million euros.

“Yeniköy Kemerköy gives the best example of environmental practices”

Stating that in addition to the rehabilitation investments made at the power plant, serious projects have been implemented in the mining region, Dinç said, “We are reforestation by completing the pickling of the areas where the mining activity has ended. The number of our olive trees in the regions that have been restored to agriculture has exceeded 22 thousand and we produce close to 40 tons of olives per year. In addition, we planted 2.5 million trees within the framework of the protocol we signed with the General Directorate of Forestry. In line with the protocol we have signed, we will increase this number to 5 million by 2025,”he said.

Dinç, who also said that the power plant provides direct employment to 3 thousand 100 people, continued his speech as follows: “We have increased the local employment rate to 75 percent. We are touching the lives of 12 thousand people with the direct and indirect employment we have created in the region. We also support the social and cultural development of the Milas region with our social responsibility projects that we have implemented.”

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Prof. He also visited Yeniköy and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants and pointed out that their efficiency has been increased by making serious renovation investments after privatization. Dr. Şeref Kalaycı continued his words as follows: "I have seen these fields and witnessed that very good rehabilitation works have been carried out. Yeniköy Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants are one of the best examples of how environmental management can be carried out together while Decoupling from our natural resources.”