"We will heal our wounds together”

"We will heal our wounds together”

Yeniköy Kemerköy Electricity Generation and Trade A. Operated by IC IÇTAŞ Enerji – LIMAK Enerji partnership.Sh. (YK Energy) is closely following the earthquakes that have caused devastation, injury and death of a large number of our people in 10 provinces in our country. Moving rapidly after the earthquakes, YK Energy is working in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations to deliver rescue vehicles, relief supplies and rescue teams to the disaster area. YK Energy, which aims to support the extraordinary mobilization movement throughout the country and the healing of wounds in the disaster zone, has dispatched its excavators, trucks, fuel tanker, off-road vehicles and search and rescue teams to the earthquake zone to be used in search and rescue in the earthquake zone. Dec.Dec.


Volunteer search and rescue teams consisting of Dec Energy technical personnel reached the disaster area and started their work. YK Energy, which started shipping containers for housing to be sent to the earthquake zone, also sent first aid and hygiene supplies, a large number of clothing and food supplies to the earthquake zone. Employees and their families at YK Energy, where 3 thousand 100 people are employed, also worked voluntarily and took active part in the collection and preparation of relief materials to be sent to the earthquake zone. First aid and cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment, a large number of clothes and food consisting of aids were loaded into vehicles and sent to the region. YK Energy is racing with time to form new rescue teams and to send the convoy consisting of in-kind aid to the region by preparing it quickly.


Continuing its work to support its employees whose relatives are also in the earthquake zone, YK Enerji included the following statements in its message titled "Get Well Soon Turkey:
“In the earthquakes, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş, it caused destruction and painful losses in 10 of our provinces. As YK Energy, we wish God's mercy to our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster that deeply shook our country, patience to our cherished nation, our grieving families and urgent healings to our injured citizens.
We are working to provide all kinds of assistance in order to heal the wounds in the earthquake-affected areas.
We will heal our wounds together, get well soon Turkey ...”