YK Energy will continue its support to Milas villages

YK Energy will continue its support to Milas villages

YK Enerji, which produces 2.5 percent of the electricity needed by Turkey using domestic resources, meets all the needs of the villages in the region, especially education and transportation, as well as the employment opportunities it provides to the local people. YK Energy General Manager M. Serhat Dinç said, "Most of our friends who work at our power plants are Milasli. We are a big family of 15 thousand people together with the families of our employees. As YK Energy, we use all our opportunities to meet the needs of the surrounding villages and to ensure that our children receive a better education. We will continue to support the Milas villages and work to make the life of our people easier,”he said.

Yeniköy Kemerköy Electricity Generation and Trade A, which contributes to the country's energy supply security by producing a significant proportion of Turkey's energy needs, such as 2.5 percent, with domestic resources.Sh. (YK Energy) continues to meet the needs of the people living in the region, especially the villages, and solve their problems with the social studies it has signed in Muğla Milas, where it operates.

YK Enerji, which provides different supports to many villages in the region, meets the needs of students in village schools in addition to making roads, mosques, libraries to villages. In this context, a book donation was made to support the students studying at Yeniköy TEK Elementary School in Bagdamları Neighborhood and to support the school. In addition, YK Enerji, which also provided computers to support the school's establishment of an IT class, also gave stationery sets to a total of 222 students in 25 village schools in the immediate vicinity at the beginning of the academic year. The company, which also carried out other renovation works by renewing the old electrical installation of the elementary school building upon the request from Karacahisar Neighborhood, also carried out the repairs needed in the elementary school building in Kalem Neighborhood and in the cafeteria building of Pinar Elementary School.

YK Energy has recently renewed the road of Çamlıca village. With the new road, the transportation of Pinar and Kalem village and Çamlıca has become more advantageous by an hour. Another issue that YK Enerji came to the rescue of was the irrigation problem of farmers. S in Milas.S. By renewing all of the current transformers in the irrigation system belonging to Çamköy Irrigation Cooperative, hundreds of acres of agricultural land were provided with vital water during this period when the farmer was struggling with drought. Thanks to this, the irrigation problem of 111 cooperative member farmers was solved. S on sustainable development.S. Material and construction machinery support was provided to improve the physical conditions of the olive oil factory belonging to the Dereköy Agricultural Development Cooperative and provide a more hygienic environment. This year, some studies are also planned to improve the olive oil production processes of the cooperative, provide training to producers on harvesting and production, and improve the quality of olive oil.

“We work with a sustainability vision”

YK Energy General Manager M, who made a statement on the subject. Serhat Dinç said, "As YK Energy, Milas people have been our biggest stakeholder since the day we started our activities. 75 Percent of the 3 thousand 100 people working at our power plant are the people of the region. In the surrounding villages, almost one person from every household works at our power plant. When we include the families of our employees, we are a giant family of 15 thousand people,”he said. Stating that it is very important for companies to contribute to the region where they are located outside their field of activity, Dinç continued his statement as follows: “As a company that has adopted sustainability as a principle, we continue to contribute to Milas. In this context, we have a very strong communication especially with our villages. We are making repairs to our village schools and providing material support for our children to get a better quality education. We are building village roads, improving irrigation canals. We help whichever village needs whatever within our means. Some of them are building libraries, some of them are building mosques, we are fixing the irrigation problem.”

Also stating that YK Energy is one of the largest olive producers in the region, Dinç said, “We have more than 22 thousand olive trees in our former mining areas where we have been rehabilitating. We produce about 40 tons of olives and 8 tons of cold-pressed olive oil every year. We also share these with our workers and villages. We also support archaeological excavations to bring the history of Milas to the surface. Until today, we have reached very important ruins in terms of the history of the region and brought them to the tourism of the country. We are also one of the biggest supporters of academic studies related to archaeology,” he said.