YK Enerji celebrates World Environment Day with students

YK Enerji celebrates World Environment Day with students

Yenikoy Kemerkoy Thermal Power Plants celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5 with primary school students. At the event aimed at instilling environmental awareness in children; Yeniköy TEK Elementary School students, their families and company employees together with waste collected. Stating that it is important for environmental protection awareness to become a way of life from an early age, YK Energy General Manager Dinç said, “We are setting up all our activities with a sustainability approach to offer a healthy future to our children. Within the scope of our social responsibility approach, we cooperate with all segments of society in this field. We had the happiness of having a pleasant and instructive day with our children as well,”he said…

YK Enerji celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5 with a special event organized by Yeniköy TEK Primary School and Kemerköy Social Facilities. At the event called “Let's Collect It Together”, which was attended by students, teachers, families and company employees of Yenikoy TEK Primary School, waste was collected in the area. The event, which was attended by all the students, then continued with a picnic and various activities.
The event, held general manager who made a statement about energy tbsp Mesut Serhat Dinç, held on 5 June 1972 in the United Nations environmental conference it was decided to celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June, after recalling that, “the main aim of this special day all over the world men, women, children and elderly people and institutions to raise awareness about environmental protection in a sustainable future for everyone is to fulfill its responsibility. We, as YK Enerji, fulfill all our responsibilities for a sustainable world,”he said.

Stating that YK Energy rigorously applies corporate sustainability in all its business processes, Dinç said, “In addition to our work within the company, we also cooperate with all segments of society in this field and carry out projects. The fact that protecting the environment has become a way of life is a habit that will be acquired at an early age. For this reason, we carried out this meaningful activity with our Yeniköy TEK Elementary School students to set an example for our children, to tell them about the importance of the environment and to make them act with this consciousness throughout their lives,”he said.

Children, teachers, families, and employees tbsp together with vigorous energy, indicating that it had been both educative and enjoyable day, said: “Protect the Earth, on the Earth live in a healthy environment for all living things to provide to individuals, companies, institutions and governments have to be a major responsibility. As YK Enerji, we will continue to produce the energy needed by our country on the one hand and fulfill our social responsibilities on the other hand.”

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