With YK energy support, women continue to learn and produce

With YK energy support, women continue to learn and produce

Thanks to the courses, which are conducted in cooperation with the Department of lifelong learning of the Ministry of Education and YK Energy, women contribute to production and support family economies during the difficult pandemic process.
YK Energy Corporate Communications Director Cafer Varol noted that the labor force participation rate of the Turkish working population is 71.3 percent for men and 30.3 percent for women.:

"In the world, reasons such as socio-economic factors, the demand structure of the labor market, gender-based labor division or wage discrimination are cited as the biggest obstacles to women's participation in the labor force. But on the other hand, many companies develop projects that will increase the employment of women and support such projects.

YK Enerji, one of the companies that supports women to stand on their own feet, signs projects that include the wives and daughters of Housewives of its employees, as well as the female employees that it includes in its staff.

We organize crochet knitting, Tokat Wood printing and basket knitting courses for women residing in Yeniköy and Kemerköy social site under the leadership of Şengül Türk İri and Zübeyde Öztürk, who are traditional crafts instructors within the Milas Public Education Center. Our women decide for themselves what field of education they want. For example, in recent years, our tile and cloth printing courses were carried out in the same way. At the end of courses that continue from 3 months to 12 months, trainees who graduate from here sell the products they produce with the information they receive in exhibitions, hobby workshops, festivals, markets opened online due to pandemic conditions and contribute to family budgets.

We have already offered training opportunities to 100 women in total with our courses in small groups.

Our aim in our project is to create a lifelong learning culture and awareness in society, to increase access to learning opportunities, to develop the knowledge and skills of individuals, in addition to supporting their contribution to the economy. As YK energy, our projects will continue in this context. In addition, as a sign of our gratitude to our women, our efforts continue to increase our cooperation with our stakeholders in the public regarding the education of our women in the region.”