Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

At Yeniköy Kemerköy Electricity Generation and Trade Inc. measures and practices towards occupational health and safety are considered to be indispensable parts of the operation and production processes. Accordingly, in order to ensure that the principles of;

  • Continuously improving occupational health and safety practices,
  • Abiding by both the current legislation on occupational health and safety and the standards required by the organizations of which we are a member,
  • Making sure that threats are determined in advance and are eliminated by conducting timely and correct risk analyses,
  • Raising awareness on occupational health and safety among employees,
  • Timely and fully providing for the resources required for occupational health and safety,

are efficiently put into practice, at Yeniköy Kemerköy Electricity Generation and Trade Inc. risk analyses are conducted in all fields of operation and measures are taken to reduce risks to minimum. In order to eliminate potential dangers and risks at their origin, each equipment is inspected and all the relevant periodical tests and measurements are conducted on time.

Trainings on occupational health and safety practices are conducted every year and as a result continuous improvement, progress and raising of awareness is achieved. In addition, new recruits are given occupational health and safety instructions during their primary job training. The other training program held regarding this issue includes instructions in subjects such as first aid which require expertise. 

Every month, Occupational Health and Safety Board meetings are held in our workplaces, which are classified as “Very Dangerous”.  Employees are provided with protective clothes and other personal protective gear and it is ensured that the employees receive broad healthcare service. Accordingly, the following are carried out:

  • In all our operations, legislation on Occupational Health and Safety is complied with.
  • In order to protect health and maintain safety, all our employees, providers and visitors are trained and instructed.
  • It is ensured that all our employees, providers and visitors comply with the OHS rules.
  • The factors which could lead to accidents and occupational illness are determined in advance and eliminated.
  • The performance of the OHS management system is measured and performance improvements are undertaken.
  • Technological developments in the field of Occupational Health and Safety are followed and our investments are directed accordingly.

In this direction, we guarantee that our efforts to provide safe working environments in our facilities will continue.

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