Shareholding Structure

YENİKÖY KEMERKÖY partners are 50% IC Energy – 50 % LİMAK.

YENİKÖY-KEMERKÖY is encouraged by the years of experience and strength of its partners.


IC İÇTAŞ Energy Investment Holding, which has started as one of the primary companies in the Turkish energy sector in 1998 is today one of the leading companies in the sector.

IC İÇTAŞ Energy Investment;

With its

  • 1,325 MW installed power capacity based on totally national and renewable resources,
  • 240 million tons of lignite reserves all of which is based upon surface mining,
  • 6.4 billion kWh annual electricity distribution,
  • 10 billion kWh annual retail sale,
  • And approximately 5,000 employees, plays a very important role for the secure and sustainable provision of energy supply.

IC İÇTAŞ Energy Investment, by basing its strength on its human resources and technology, will continue to progress and sustain its position as one of the leading companies in the sector. On this journey, adoption of a quality-centered approach, placing of environmental and social responsibility consciousness at the center of all of its activities will continue to be its main principles.


Limak Energy, which is the representative in the energy sector of Limak Holding’s 40 years of experience, operates in the fields of generation, distribution, retail and wholesale and import and export of electricity. Limak Energy, which in addition to its operations in energy generation also plays an active role in energy trade, has been increasing its activities in the energy market. Limak Energy which has achieved a total of 2800 MW installed power capacity with its new plants which have become operational in 2015, has reached an annual energy sales volume of more than 5 billion kWh. In the field of energy generation, which is one of the most basic needs of our country, Limak Energy Group has developed many projects with strategic importance, beginning with those on renewable resources, and will continue to develop such projects. The growth of our group, which generates electricity with its thermal and hydro-electric power plants, continues with domestic and foreign energy investments.